Journals that Publish Student Research Papers

Journals that specifically publish undergraduate research in mathematics:

“is a publication in between the extremes of purely undergraduate research journals, which in general are aimed at undergraduate audiences, and mainstream research journals.”

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online
“a web-based publication devoted to undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics.”

“is devoted entirely to papers written by undergraduates on topics related to mathematics.”
“accepts papers of significant mathematical interest written by students containing work done prior to the students' obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Papers of all types will be considered, including technical, historical, and expository papers.”
Pi Mu Epsilon Journal
“Pi Mu Epsilon promotes scholarship in mathematics is through the publishing of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal. The sole purpose of this Journal is to present papers and mathematical problems by and for its members.”
Morehead Electronic Journal of Applicable Mathematics (MEJAM)
“MEJAM accepts papers . . . which emphasize the applicability of mathematics while maintaining significant mathematical interest. Papers may be historical, expository, or completely original in nature but must adhere to strict academic standards and should explore some aspect of the applications of mathematics.”
Mathematical Spectrum
“publishes articles from all branches of mathematics, as well as regular features on mathematics in the classroom, a computer column, letters, problems and solutions, book and software reviews. We welcome original student contributions and award annual prizes for the best ones published.”
American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR)
“A refereed journal for undergraduate research in the pure and applied sciences, mathematics, engineering, technology, and related area in education.”
"The Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics focuses on original mathematical research done primarily by undergraduate researchers in all areas of mathematics and its applications."