CURM helps participating faculty members set up an academic-year (i.e., September – May) undergraduate research group at their own institution. Each year, CURM awards mini-grants ranging from $12,000 – $25,000 each to professors who are accepted into the program. These mini-grants consist of financial support for undergraduate research groups consisting of 2-5 undergraduate students and one faculty member. CURM provides:

$3,000 stipend for each student in the group

($1,000 paid at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters, $500 paid after the student presents his/her research at the Student Research Conference, and $500 paid after the student submits his/her final research report). Students are expected to spend ten hours per week during the academic year working on the research project.

$6,000 for the professor

The faculty mentor needs to be actively involved with the group. However, many of them have a high teaching load. Hence, CURM will offer $6,000 for each professor to buy out at least one course from his/her teaching load during the academic year in order to free up time to spend working with these mentored groups. When a faculty member applies to thisĀ  program for a mini-grant, we require a letter of support from his/her department chair, dean, or appropriate administrator explicitly stating what the $6,000 faculty stipend will be used for. At a minimum, this must be a reduction of one teaching course. However, we suggest some additional items, such as a commitment to partially support the faculty member to attend the Joint AMS/MAA Meetings in January at which we will have a mid-year meeting or a commitment to send undergraduate students to a regional conference where they can present their research.

Travel Funds

CURM will cover the travel and lodging up to $650 for the professor to attend the Faculty Summer Workshop at Brigham Young University (BYU) and will cover the travel and lodging up to $650 for the professor to attend the Student Research ConferenceĀ  at BYU. CURM will also cover the travel and lodging for each undergraduate student participant up to $650 per undergraduate student to attend the Student Research Conference at BYU.

Supply Funds

$250 will be available to your institution for your group’s supplies.