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We’re dedicated to helping every student that has sat in their high school math class and asked:
“When will I ever use this?”

Featured Math Tidbit


In a group of 23 people, at least two have the same birthday with a probability greater than ½.

Featured Career

Government agencies and national laboratories

National laboratories hire students with strong mathematics backgrounds. Robert Berry is a mathematician who worked at Sandia National Labs on energy problems. Carol Meyers has a B.A. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in operations research. She works at Lawrence Livermore National Labs and has solved problems related to nuclear disarmament and emergency disaster preparedness. Emilie […]

Featured Blog Post

A new wave to model mathematically

A tsunami is one of the most destructive natural disasters on the planet, from which mankind has not yet learned how to defend itself or to fully predict. said Konstantin Zhiltsov. Click here to see how he uses math to suppress the impact of tsunamis around the world!