2016-2017 Academic Year

2016-2017 Academic Year

August 10, 2015

Faculty online application available

November 15, 2015

Faculty application deadline

Mid January, 2016

Initial offers for CURM mini-grants sent by email

May 18-21, 2016

Summer Workshop for professors; held in Salt Lake City, UT

By June 1, 2016

Submission of selected students’ names, demographics, contact information, W-9s and Direct Deposit forms

June – July, 2016

ORCA forms completed; RCR Certification

August 1-31, 2016

On-line CURM Student Pre-Research Survey

Fall Semester, 2016 – Winter Semester, 2017

Undergraduate research group work; faculty award paid (by submitted invoice); up to $1,000 of student stipend paid in Fall and Winter semesters (Sept./Oct. and Jan./Feb.)

January, 2017

Optional CURM discussion meeting at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

March 31-April 1, 2017

MUMS/CURM Student Research Conference (in Des Moines, IA); conference survey; up to $500 of CURM student stipend paid

April 1, 2017

Final date for submitting invoices claiming funds from the faculty award (up to $6,000 and $250 supplies expense).

May 1-31, 2017

On-line CURM Student Post-Research Survey

May 31, 2017

Students’ final written research report due (submit to mdorff@mathematics.byu.edu and please remember to include in the report the acknowledgement “This research was supported by a National Science Foundation grant (#DMS1148695) through the Center for Undergraduate Research (CURM), Brigham Young University, and corporate sponsors”); up to $500 of student stipend paid