2014-2015 Research Papers

Computing Symbolic Dynamics for Polynomial Periodic Points

Authors: Sarah Stoops, Anna Durham, Paije Smith – Butler University (IN)

On the Inoculation of Computer Networks

Authors: Brennen Fagan and Aramayis Orkusyan – California State University, Fresno (CA)

Optimizing Immunization of an Influenza Virus

Authors: Majerle Reeves and Manuel Lopez – California State University, Fresno (CA)

Counting Problems Associated with Equilateral Triangle Tilings

Author: Benjamin Buckner – Lee University (TN)

Pentagon Numbers

Author: Josey Carroll – Lee University (TN)

Prime Vertex Labelings of Families of Unicyclic Graphs

Authors: Nathan Diefenderfer, Michael Hastings, Levi Heath, Hannah Prawzinsky, Briahna Preston, Emily White, and Alyssa Whittemore – Northern Arizona University (AZ)

Prime Vertex Labelings of Several Families of Graphs

Authors: Nathan Diefenderfer, Dana C. Ernest, Michael Hastings, Levi N. Heath, Hannah Prawzinsky, Briahna Preston, Jeff Rushall, Emily White, and Allyssa Whittemore – Northern Arizona University (AZ)

Numerical Analysis of Triangulated Piecewise-flat 3-manifolds

Authors: Michael Gableman and Erin Frassetto – Ripon College (WI)

The Moduli Space on the Double Tetrahedron

Authors: Lincoln Wurtz and Tyler Shimek – Ripon College (WI)

Skin Deep Choices/CURM Report

Authors: Aaron Brown and Angelica Cox – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)

Modeling the Relationship between Employment Levels and Gross Domestic Product Growth

Authors: Angela Hanson and Andrew Kipp – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)

The Effect of Regulation on Bitcoin

Author: Connor Kispert – Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)

Uniqueness of solutions to the heat equation

Author: Louis Ash-Kaufman – Seattle University (WA)

Battling Bathymetry: Modeling Fluid Flow Over an Uneven Surface

Author: Kelsey Hopkins – Seattle University (WA)

Method of Fundamental Solutions

Author: Loren Klemesrud – Seattle University (WA)

Laplace’s equation and Boundary Integral Methods

Author: Robert Nesting – Seattle University (WA)

Analysis of Allelopathy in a Chemostat Resource Competition

Authors: Brody Benavides, Jonathan Gutierrez, and Gerardo Salgado – St. Mary’s University (TX)

On the numerical ranges of integer matrices

Author: Jane Ivy Coons – SUNY Geneseo (NY)

On the Boundary of Numerical Ranges

Author: Jack Jenkins – SUNY Geneseo (NY)

Numerical Ranges Over Finite Fields

Author: Doug Knowles – SUNY Geneseo (NY)

Pushing the Bounds of Numerical Ranges

Author: Rayanne Luke – SUNY Geneseo (NY)

Study of Wave Equations Modeling Drilling in Oil Industry

Authors: Crystal Llanas and German Villalobos – University of Houston, Downtown (TX)