2015-2016 Research Papers

A Mathematical Epidemiological Model to Study the Impact of the Prodromal Stages on Herpes Simplex Viruses Epidemics

Authors: Luis Almonte-Vega, Luis Ramos-Soto, Michelle Rosado-Perez, Emmie Roman-Melendez; University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (PR)

Comparison of Normal Equation and QR factorization

Author: Arneshia Parrish; Benedict College (SC)

Construction of, Internal Elements of, and Symmetries of the Hypercube

Authors: Meghan DeWitt, Lindsey Heiberger, Heather Palmer, and Daniel Viaud; St. Thomas Aquinas College (NY)

Controlling Yellow Fever Through Vaccination

Authors: Aaleah Lancaster, Janay Johnson; Bennett College (NC)

CURM Report: Versicolouring and Graph Products

Authors: Ian Kit Nicolas, Esbeida Ramos, Crystal Susbauer; Pacific University (OR)

Derivation of the Edgeworth Expansion in n-dimensions

Author: Erin Bonner; East Central University (OK)

Discrete Morse Theory: The Edge Sequence of the Fibonacci Summation Graph

Authors: Juliana Joy, Jeremy Klarich, Joy Westland; Central Washington University (WA)

Distinctly Colored Rook Polynomials

Authors: Emily Gaub, Victor Reilly; Pacific University (OR)

Grad Inspired 13th Moment Expansion using the Edgeworth Series Focus on the Hermite Polynomials

Author: Maranda Clymer; East Central University (OK)

Modeling Multi-Host Infectious Diseases

Authors: Lisette Herrera, Dana Lacey,l Rebecca Rachan, Taylor Spino; North Central College (IL)

Quadratic Forms and Their Berggren Trees

Authors: Byungchul Cha, Emily Nguyen, Brandon Tauber; Muhlenberg College (PA)

Ring dominating functions in graph products

Authors: Torie Chomko, Kevin McCall, Alexander McCleary, Jamie Shive, and Dewey T. Taylor; Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)

Strategies for Best Offers on eBay

Authors: William Gryc, Jamie Oliva, Brittney Tuff, and Charli White; Muhlenberg College (PA)

The Optimal Vaccination Rate to Reduce Outbreaks for Rift Valley Fever Virus amongst Ruminants

Authors: Rhoni Moffit and Qaleelah Smith; Bennett College (NC)

Undergraduate Research in Mathematical Biology

Authors: Megan Eberle, Alexander Garza, and Kaitlin HealyBrennen; University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (WI)