2010-2011 Research Papers

MITCH – Medicinal Interaction ‘Twixt’ Cancer and Healthy Cells

Authors: Jayson H. Bucy, Tom Tillery, Nicholas Nottingham, Jeffery Spears, Robert Ferdinand

Computing pi via New Polynomial Approximations to Arctangent

Authors: Colleen M. Bouey, Herbert A. Medina, Erika Meza (Faculty Advisor: Herbert Medina)

An Emerald Ash Borer Population Model on Time Scales

Authors: Laura Collins and Kraig Thomas (Faculty Advisor: Heidi Berger)

Application of Time Scale Calculus to the Growth and Development in Populations of Stomoxys Calcitrans

Authors: Stephen Henrich, Jill Jessee, Blaise Mikels, Jean Mullen, Heidi Berger, Clint Meyer

Groups of Graphs of Groups

Author: David Byrne (Faculty Advisor: Tom Sibley)

Convex Combinations of Minimal Graphs

Authors: Michael Dorff, Ryan Viertel, and Magdalena Woloszkiewicz

A Mathematical Model of the Effect of Aquatic Contaminants on Freshwater Mollusks

Authors: Wundu Kwembe, Tina Richardson, Ashley Sanders, Youngkul Kim, and Tor A. Kwembe

Statistical Modeling through Analytical and Monte Carlo Methods of the Fat Fraction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Authors: Anne M. Calder, Eden A. Ellis, Li-Hsuan Huang and Kevin Park (Faculty Advisor: Angel Pineda)

A New Infinite Family of Matroids and an Exploration of Graphic Matroids

Authors: Meredith Daw, Karin Kralicek, Joseph Maurer, and Jamie Vibber (Faculty Advisor: Michael Falk)

On the Period of a Sequence Defined by a Second-Order Linear Recursion in Fp

Authors: Christine Franzel, Rose Psalmond, Hilary Tobiasz (Faculty Advisor: Alan Koch)

The Effect of Relative Skewness in Two-Sample Confidence Interval Methods

Authors: Cassy Jens and Maria Jansen (Faculty Advisor: Barbara Bennie)

Accuracy of Robust Confidence Interval Methods with Skewed Data

Authors: Ryan Haunfelder, Barbara Bennie

Investigating Root Multiplicities in the Indefinite Kac-Moody Algebra E10

Authors: Timothy Shatley, Andrew Wilson, Kyle Thomas, and Vicky Klima

Mathematical Modeling of Integrin Dynamics

Authors: Aurora Blucher, Michelle Salas, Nicholas Williams, Hannah L. Callender

Super Central Configurations of the Three-Body Problem under the Inverse Integer Power Law

Authors: Zhifu Xie, Kenyaita Hodge, Krystolyn Henderson, and Michael Westbrook

The Schröinger Equation for the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) of the Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Quantum Dots Nanoparticle Analysis

Authors: Willie Bell, William Bradford, and Rashaad Riles (Faculty Advisor: Tor A. Kwembe)

Games, Sets and Matoids: Using Maker-Breaker Games to Explore Fixing Sets in Affine and Projective Geometries

Author: Jordan Rooklyn (Faculty Advisor: Jenny McNulty)

Maker-Breaker Games on Graphic and Bicircular Matroids

Author: Hannah Stanton (Faculty Advisor: Jenny McNulty)

Maker-Breaker Graph Coloring Games

Author: Stephanie Bell (Faculty Advisor: Jenny McNulty)

On Multiplier Sequences of a Special Form

Authors: Mario Banuelos and Michelle Hoshiko (Faculty Advisor: Tamás Forgács)

On the Partitioning of Multiplier Sequences

Authors: Tamás Forgács, James Tipton, and Benjamin Wright

Codes, Frames, and Seidel Matrices

Authors: Marlene Gonzalez and Kyle Rollins (Faculty Advisor: James Solazzo)

Mathematical Modeling of the Kinetics of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) in Lactating Rats

Authors: Edward S. Lee, Leona A. Harris

Exploring Biological Models through Dynamical Systems

Authors: Monisha Narayan and Samuel Tibebe (Faculty Advisor: Aklilu Zeleke)