2009-2010 Research Papers

The Knot Theory Correlates with the Drug Action of Doxorubicir (DOX)

Authors: Morgan Sesker and Stacy Zwiefelhofer (Faculty Advisor: Joyati Debnath)

Using Crossing Numbers to Make Circuits with Minimal Wire Crossings

Authors: Matthew Wolfe and Bryan McCauley (Faculty Advisor: Joyati Debnath)

Modeling Interactions Among Fish, Fishermen and Fish-Eating Birds

Authors: Matthew Donica, James K. Gordon, Laura Johnson, Jessica Pitts (Faculty Advisor: Robert Ferdinand)

Design Optimization for DNA Nanostructures

Authors: Jacob Girard, Andrew Gilbert, Daniel Lewis, Mary Spuches (Faculty Advisor: Jo Ellis-Monaghan)

Complete Structures in the Octet Truss

Authors: Brian Goodhue, Daniel Koch, Mary Spuches, Andrew Paret, Jacob Girard, Thomas Dickenson (Faculty Advisor: Jo Ellis-Monaghan)

On kth Roots in the Symmetric Inverse Monoid

Authors: Troy Cannon, Carlos Hernandez (Faculty Advisor: Scott Annin)

The Mathematical Approach to Evaluating the Elasticity of a Bonus-Malus System

Authors: Nick Duplan, Cindy Hall, Jessica Nguyen, Cynthia Willis and Kumer Pial Das

Follow the Food Feeding Function: A Biomathematical Examination of Gastric Emptying in Children

Authors: Gretchen Koch, Jennifer Jordan, Ariel Kramer, Jordan Yoder

Statistical Analysis of Correlated Microarray Data

Authors: Kristen Cunanan and Suzette Puente (Faculty Advisor: Gulhan Alpargu)

Invariant Classifications of the (m, 3)-Weaving Knots

Authors: Jessi Byl and Rachel De Meo (Faculty Advisor: Matt DeLong)

A One-Dimensional Kinetic Model of Plasma Dynamics with a Hyperbolic Field

Authors: Charles H. Nguyen and Stephen Pankavich

Instability of BGK Waves for the Vlasov Equation with a Hyperbolic Field

Authors: Robert C. Allen and Stephen Pankavich

Computational Methods for a One-Dimensional Plasma Model with Hyperbolic Field

Authors: Dustin W. Brewer and Stephen Pankavich

Tropical Geometry of the Complete Bipartite Graph, Km,n

Authors: Abraham Nassar, Kelley Walker (Faculty Advisor: Serkan Hosten)

Study of GCD’s of Solutions to Diophantine Equations

Author: Kale Evans (Faculty Advisor: Aihua Li)

Analyzing a Spring Mass Lattice with a Discrete Time-Series Mode

Authors: Matthew Cavanaugh, Rexford Achempong (Faculty Advisors: Aihua Li, David Trubatch)

Parking Solutions for Montclair State University

Authors: Mirella Moawad and Kaitlyn Murphy (Faculty Advisors: Aihua Li, David Trubatch)

Numerical Investigation of Soliton Interaction in the Short-Pulse Equation

Author: Jose Barrios (Faculty Advisor: David Trubatch)

Matrix Products Distinguished by Positive Semi-Definite Ordering

Authors: Conor J. Finney, Franklin W. Greener, and Lindsay A. Wiard (Faculty Advisor: Robert Cohen)

Finite Difference Time Domain – Finite Element Method Hybrid

Authors: Kimberly Kaplan, Megan Padula and Dr. John Fleming

The Solution of the Time Domain of Maxwell’s Equations for a Two-Dimensional Cavity Problem

Authors: Lindsey Chesmar and Kimberley Daley (Faculty Advisor: John Fleming)

A Part-Metric Variant of Newton’s Inequalities

Authors: Kenneth S. Berenhaut and Austin H. Jones

Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to Minimum-Maximum Delay Recorrences of Higher-Order

Authors: Kenneth S. Berenhaut, Elizabeth M. Magargee, Scott M. Rabidoux