2008-2009 Research Papers

Rational Residuacity of Primes

Authors: Kristin Ellis and Stephen Savioli (Faculty Advisor: Mark Budden)

BLEAT: The Curve-Creating Black Box

Authors: Sarah Claiborne and Catherine P. Simpson (Faculty Advisor: Joan Lind)

Coefficient Analysis of Structured Textures

Authors: Derek Desantis, Josefina Flores and Kathleen A. Lewis (Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Leonard)

Rectilinear Crossing Numbers for Point-Sets with Given Convex Hull Layers

Authors: Bernardo M. Abrego, John Chapman, Silvia Fernandez, Lorena Lopez, Benito Mena

On the Maximum Number of Isosceles Right Triangles in a Finite Point Set

Authors: Bernardo M. Abrego, Virgilio Cerna, Silvia Fernandez-Merchant, and David Roberts

A Ticket to Efficiency

Authors: Chelsea Allison, Arthur Hughes, Jacqueline Kearney, Christopher Lewis (Faculty Advisor: Luca Petrelli)

Effects on Different Factors on College Enrollment

Author: Jing Lun Li (Faculty Advisor: Urmi Ghosh-Dastidar)

Vertex Attrition and Cutting Numbers of Multipartite Graphs

Authors: Dusti Nisbet and Joshua Crunkleton (Faculty Advisor: Brad Bailey)

Clustering Coefficients and Universal Clustering Coefficients

Authors: Amanda Peck and Lauren Prill (Faculty Advisor: John Holliday)

Selective Provisioning by Cicada Killers, sphecius speciosus, (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in North Florida

Authors: Jon M. Hastings, Charles W. Holliday, Andrew Long, Katie Jones, Grayson Rodriguez

A Sinkhorn-Knopp Fixed Point Problem

Authors: Kristen Anderson, Ashley Burt, William Cousins, Brent Hancock, David Strong

Modeling the Dynamics of Multiple Concurrent HIV Treatment Modalities

Authors: Allison Blink, Eric Nelson, and David Turpin, Jr. (Faculty Advisor: Nicoleta Tarfulea)

Investigating Orthogonal Polynomials

Authors: Amanda McPhail, Dr. Sonya Stanley

A Trigonometric Version of Bernstein Polynomials

Author: Jessica Roden (Faculty Advisor: Sonya Stanley)

Discrete Curvature and Subdivision of Simplicial Complexes

Authors: Charity Bankhead, Alacia Voth, Krystal Woods (Faculty Advisor: Brian Loft)

Roundness of Graphs

Authors: Eric LaRose, Jessica Moore, Michael Rooney, and Hannah Rosenthal (Faculty Advisor: Matthew Horak)

Global Asymptotic Stability for Minimum-Delay Difference Equations

Authors: Kenneth S. Berenhaut, Richard T. Guy, and Christa L. Barrett

Fibonacci-Type Piecewise Linear Recurrences and Generalized Ramanujan-Nagell Equations

Authors: Kenneth S. Berenhaut, Elizabeth M. Magargee, and Bennett J. Stancil