2007-2008 Research Papers

Game Theory in Agricultural Economics

Authors: Angela Luedtke and Chad Leonhardt (Faculty Advisor: Barb Bennie)

More on the G-Graph of a Group

Authors: Christa Bauer, Andrea DeWitt, Jillian Hamilton, Alys Rodriguez, and Jennifer Daniel

Automorphisms of Direct Products of Indecomposable Groups

Authors: Karin Gilje and Philip Gipson (Faculty Advisor: Jill Dietz)

Extending Bidwell and Curran: On the Automorphism Group of Certain Split Metacyclic Groups

Author: Dan Kohler (Faculty Advisor: Linda Gao)

A Mathematical Approach to Characterize the Transmission Dynamics ofChlamydia trachomatis

Authors: Dorothy Tran, Christina Lorenzo, Luke Eichelberger, Christine Muganda (Faculty Advisor: Linda Gao)

Construction and Enumeration of Franklin Circles

Authors: Rebecca Garcia, Stefanie Meyer, Stacey Sanders, Amanda Seitz

A Combinatorial Approach to Matrix Determinants

Author: Megan Craven (Faculty Advisor: Brian Hopkins)

Restricted Rado Numbers

Authors: Matthew Vieira, Katrina Luckenbach (Faculty Advisor: Brian Hopkins)

Plant-Pathogen Dynamics

Authors: Brendan Kelly, Michael Stein, Vincent Martinez, Jean-Michelet Jean-Michel, Janet Morrison

Multiplicity Lists for Classes of Hermitian Matrices whose Graph is a Certain Tree

Author: Paul Robert McMichael (Faculty Advisor: Charles R. Johnson)

Trees and the Implicit Construction of Eigenvalue

Author: Jonathan Edward Nuckols (Faculty Advisor: Charles R. Johnson)

The Commutant of the Tridiagonal Pattern

Authors: Aaron Paloski, Olivia Walch, and Carolyn Troha (Faculty Advisor: Charles R. Johnson)

Mathematical Modeling for Structured Textures

Authors: Jennifer Bonsangue, Kathleen Lewis, and Michael Nava (Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Leonard)

The Behavior of Positive DS-divisors of Positive Integers

Authors: Elizabeth Arango, Aihua Li

Integration Properties of Square Roots of Certain Functions

Authors: Jose Barrios, Aihua Li

A Brief History of Addition Theorems for Elliptic Integrals

Author: Jose Barrios (Faculty Advisor: Aihua Li)

Solutions to Certain Diophantine Equations

Authors: Cihan Karabulut, Aihua Li

Tracing Certain n-dimensional Space Points

Authors: Aihua Li, Michael K. Wilson

                                                             PnXn + Xn-1

The Character of Solutions for Xn+1= qnXn + Xn1 , n=0, 1, 2, . . .

with Period-two Parameters

Authors: Janna Baldovin, John Jentzen, Whitney van Lierop (Faculty Advisor: Carol Overdeep)

How to Become “Set for Life” (a mathematical approach to playing a TV game show)

Authors: Miracle Okoye, Amy Stockman (Faculty Advisor: Melinda Schulteis)

Optimal Energy Allocation Strategy for Multiple Constrained Resources

Authors: Leslie Hindman, Deena Hannoun, D. Brian Walton and Anthony Tongen

The Reflective Property of an Ellipse

Author: Chantani Newton (Faculty Advisor: David Torain)