The Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM)
helps undergraduate students throughout the United States to be excited about the mathematical sciences, to complete their undergraduate degree and learn essential research skills, and to prepare them for success in graduate school and their careers. CURM has had tremendous success in doing this by promoting academic year undergraduate research in the mathematical sciences. Since its inception, CURM has provided financial support to 304 undergraduate students (48% female, 26% minority, 6% with disability, and 21% 1st generation college students) mentored by 96 professors (42% female, 15% minority) from over 70 universities and colleges nationwide (21% HSI/HBCU/Women's Institutions). During that time,CURM students have written 130 joint research papers, 37 of which have been published. In addition, the students have given over 311 single/joint conference presentations or poster presentations, and have received 30 awards for their presentations or research. Finally, data shows that at institutions participating in the CURM program, 63% of the CURM students go on to graduate school while only about 18% of the total math majors at these schools do so.

CURM (located at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah) promotes undergraduate research in mathematics by:

  • training professors as mentors for undergraduate students doing research;
  • providing funds to professors to establish undergraduate student research groups;
  • advising professors on how to continue operating under- graduate research groups at their institutions; and,
  • preparing undergraduate students to succeed in graduate studies and careers in the mathematical sciences.

To help achieve these objectives, CURM awards mini-grants each year to professors at various institutions across the United States to assist them financially, instructionally, and organizationally in operating successful undergraduate research groups at their own institutions during the academic year.

Commitment to Diversity

This program supports underrepresented groups in the mathematical sciences, as well as first-generation and low socio-economic status college students. We are committed to ensuring participant diversity of ethnicity, gender, geographical location, and institution type.




Michael Dorff   Heidi Berger Joyati Debnath
Brigham Young University   Simpson College Winona State University
    Kathryn Leonard Tyler J. Jarvis

California State University– Channel Islands

Brigham Young University

CURM is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant #DMS-0636648 / #DMS-1148695, by Brigham Young University (BYU), and by sponsors.


For information on becoming a CURM sponsor, please contact Diane Coffman, CURM Project Manager, at curm [at] mathematics [dot] byu [dot] edu or (801) 422-9084.